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Our expert consultants are helping governments and businesses meet the challenges posed by energy security and climate change, while delivering sustainable solutions that maximise the benefits for our clients.  

How we can help you

Our energy and carbon emissions monitoring and reduction services can help you to deliver significant cost savings and efficiency improvements. We provide advice and guidance to help you identify the best renewable energy opportunities, providing greater energy security and profitability. Clients appreciate the protection that our climate adaptation strategies provide against the damaging effects of extreme weather. Our principal consultancy services include:


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Why choose Ricardo Energy & Environment?

Our team of more than 100 experts draws on an extensive track record of providing market leading expertise to customers in the United Kingdom, Europe and internationally for nearly 40 years. Our heritage and stock of proven tools enables us to provide you with effective solutions with a strong economic evidence base.

To see how our consultancy is supporting climate adaptation, delivering energy security and improving efficiency around the world, view our project examples here or meet our expert consultants.