We know that one of the key attractions for people working for Ricardo Energy & Environment is that we are helping business, government and economies make sound decisions to improve their future, and that of the planet. Our people and customers are experts with high ideals and standards so we strive to provide a working environment which echoes those principles.

We believe that it is critical that everyone in the Ricardo Energy & Environment embraces a set of values which underpin its performance and provides a frame work for a code of conduct of which it is proud. Our policies, procedures and guidance are developed within the same framework and support our people in achieving their maximum potential by providing clarity of objectives, scope, implementation and responsibilities.


Employee Engagement

We aim to provide a fair, safe and flexible workplace that inspires our employees to give their best and to feel engaged and motivated. Our aim is to create a working environment where employees are informed and involved in Company activities. We actively encourage employee feedback via an employee elected Employee Forum. The forum acts as the first line communication vehicle for discussions about important business matters typically this will involve topics which range from terms and conditions, pensions and remuneration, through to important changes in policies and procedures. We regularly evaluate how we are performing in the eyes of our employees through structured surveys which help shape our HR programmes.


We believe in doing our best for our customers, and our people are always prepared to go the extra mile, so we reward them with competitive remuneration packages. We offer benefits packages in line with the market in both the US and UK. Benefits vary according to position and country, but may include bonus, private medical, pension, ill heath income retirement, Save As You Earn (SAYE), Buy As You Earn (BAYE) and Give As You Earn (GAYE) schemes and generous annual leave. We also run awards schemes based on merit, where individuals can nominate colleagues whose performance has been exceptional ensuring everyone in the organisation can be recognised and rewarded for their contribution.

Equality & Diversity

Ricardo Energy & Environment is committed to achieving high quality deliverables in everything we do. In order to achieve this we believe that employing a broad range of people, with a wide range of experience and excellent skills is core to our business success. Ricardo Energy & Environment is, therefore, committed to the principle of equality of opportunity and preventing discrimination. This is evidenced through the recruitment and assignment of people based solely on capability. Ricardo Energy & Environment will not discriminate on the grounds of: race, colour, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, gender (including gender re-assignment), religion or philosophical belief, disability, age, caring responsibilities, spent convictions or any other factors not relevant to our work.

We also believe that people have the right to privacy with regard to personal information including religion, gender reassignment and sexual orientation so the Company does not collect data of this nature.


Robustness with regard to security of people, buildings, information (both Company and customer) and IT infrastructure is considered to be paramount to the organisation so a suite of Security Policies have been developed to address the key areas. Whilst many of our consultants operate in office environments which are typically low risk, we ensure that anyone working in higher risk countries or environments are suitably briefed, trained and monitored to minimise risk to themselves, our customers and the local community.

Health & Safety

Health, safety and wellbeing are integral components of our people management strategy. We care for and are responsible for our people, contractors and all others affected by what we do. Our Health & Safety Policy covers all relevant risks to our employees and we regularly review our health and safety management systems to ensure we are compliant with the latest legislation, and to ensure that any changes in our business operations do not increase risks to our employees.

We constantly seek ways to improve towards our goal of excellence, and for the 9th consecutive year Ricardo Energy & Environment have been awarded the RoSPA Gold Medal for Occupational Safety. Our score with CHaPSI has increased from 8.5 to 9.1 placing Ricardo Energy & Environment 7th out of 128 completed entries (ChaPSI has over 550 registered companies).

Our committed teams work hard, so we are pleased to promote a balanced approach! We have negotiated corporate gym memberships at local facilities, promote cycle to work days and inter team sporting events. People Managers are responsible for the welfare of our people, and work with individuals when circumstances require additional support


For our people to be able to do their best, they need to understand our vision, mission and objectives, and how they individually and we collectively achieve them. We ensure this through a number of communication channels, including regular project team meetings, individual meetings with People Managers, quarterly meetings with Practice Directors, informal learning lunches for technical knowledge sharing and quarterly Brown Bag meetings led by the leadership team.


We are committed to the highest standards of business behaviour and expect employees to act with personal integrity. Our Code of Integrity describes our Company values and explains how we behave and handle decisions faced with at work. The advice is based on principles that apply to Ricardo Energy & Environment globally. It is necessarily a summary and does not attempt to cover every situation or every circumstance people may encounter. The bottom line is that we want everyone to be able to operate in an environment which is honest, open, collaborative, safe and fun. We expect people to behave with integrity and challenge those whose actions overstep acceptable boundaries.