We are part of the Ricardo group of companies

Ricardo is a global engineering, strategic and environmental consultancy. We were founded by Sir Harry Ricardo in 1915 and still share his vision for maximising efficiency and eliminating waste. 

Ricardo now employs over 2100 engineers, scientists and consultants around the world and it is the passion and expertise of these people which drives us forward and maintains our position of technical leadership. 

Our specialist areas are:

  • Transport and Security
  • Energy
  • Scarce Resources and Waste

In the Transportation and Security industries we provide world class engineering and product development. We enable our customers to comply with global legislative requirements and our expertise spans industries from motor cycles through to large marine propulsion systems. We design and develop engines, transmissions, hybrid and electric systems, right through to complete vehicles. Our niche manufacturing and assembly capability delivers finished products to motorsport, aerospace, defence and other high performance industries.

In Energy we focus on low cost sustainability and engineer solutions for conventional and renewable power generation, energy storage and distribution.

Our Scarce Resource and Waste services deliver environmental consulting focused on air quality, chemical risk, climate change, resource efficiency, water and waste management.

Find out more at www.ricardo.com