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Environmental support for airports

The environmental impacts of aviation, such as noise, carbon and air quality, are constantly under the spotlight and present a considerable challenge to airports worldwide. Ricardo Energy & Environment helps clients to quantify and understand these impacts now and how to mitigate them to enable more sustainable, competitive and profitable growth.

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Transport technologies

Ricardo Energy & Environment helps clients in the transport industry explore the implications of disruption to existing business models caused by new technologies and climate policy.

Our expertise covers natural gas, electric, hybrid and biofuels in the road, rail, aviation and maritime sectors. We have a deep understanding of the transport and climate change policy landscape globally, including regulations on fuel economy, air quality, safety, fuel quality standards and carbon pricing.

To support our work, we use bespoke modelling tools including the Sustainable Transport Model (SULTAN) which we developed to analyse the potential impact of different technologies and policy pathways for all modes of transport

Low pollution, low carbon transport solutions

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s in-depth understanding of low-carbon and low-polluting transport technologies makes us the partner of choice when seeking to identify areas of focus for the reduction of emissions and cost.

As a recognised market leader in the strategic analysis of sustainable transport solutions, we apply evidence-based analysis to develop informed strategies and action plans that improve the sustainability and cost effectiveness of clients’ vehicles and fleets.

Fuel efficient transport advice

Rising fuel prices can have a significant impact on freight transport operations and profits.

Ricardo Energy & Environment works with companies throughout the freight and haulage industry to address this challenge, providing practical training and advice on best practice and operational efficiency improvements.

Through the UK Government’s Safe And Fuel Efficient Driver training programme (SAFED), Ricardo Energy & Environment experts trained more than 16,000 drivers of HGVs and light commercial vehicles, generating immediate and significant fuel savings for business.

Support for cities

Cities and urban areas are responsible for an ever-increasing share of the world’s population and economic activity. Building sustainability into the heart of cities’ infrastructure, economies and policies will ensure their long-term security and vitality in a globally interconnected world. Find out more...