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Air Quality Impact Assessment, Measurement and Modelling

With a dedicated team of over 100 consultants specialising in air quality, Ricardo Energy & Environment provides a unique resource to address all air quality permitting and compliance issues.

From emissions monitoring and ambient air quality surveys to dispersion modelling, we have the expertise to provide specialist air quality support to businesses of all sizes.

Our services include assisting with securing planning permission, obtaining operating permits and delivering against legal and environmental obligations.

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Emissions Inventories

Air pollutants and greenhouse gasses have a damaging effect on health and the environment, can hold back economic progress and contribute to climate change. Ricardo Energy & Environment provides clients with world leading emission inventories that deliver the information needed to tackle air pollution and climate change. 

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Air Quality Modelling and Forecasting

Ricardo Energy & Environment offers holistic air quality modelling and forecasting services for clients at a national and local level. Models and forecasts are compiled by an experienced team of air quality experts who draw upon an ensemble of inputs including optimised UK, European and International model data, air quality measurement data, weather forecasts and satellite imagery.

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Support for cities

Cities and urban areas are responsible for an ever-increasing share of the world’s population and economic activity. Building sustainability into the heart of cities’ infrastructure, economies and policies will ensure their long-term security and vitality in a globally interconnected world.

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Particle measurements -– UKAS accredited calibration services

Solid particle counting systems are being widely implemented in the motor in response to the limits on ultrafine particle number exhaust emission, which came into force in September 2014. These new measures apply across Europe as part of the Euro VI regulations for passenger cars.

In cooperation with the counting system manufacturers, Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Airborne Particle Measurement Centre provides in-house and mobile calibration services for the systems and standalone condensation particle counters,

The mobile service has the significant advantage of minimising system downtime and the resulting disruption to clients’ very demanding testing schedules.

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oil weathering and dispersant training
Oil weathering and dispersant testing

Ricardo Energy & Environment's oil weathering and dispersant testing services are called upon by organisations around the globe to support and advise on emergency response processes. Our support provides our clients with the confidence that they have minimised their risks and that any incident involving a spill of crude oil at sea will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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agriculture service
Agricultural services

Agricultural and horticultural production systems are under increasing pressure to maximise productivity, while reducing the environmental impacts. Sustainable farming practices are essential to ensuring a secure supply chain, preserving the natural environment and delivering good output year-on-year. Read more...

Air quality emissions management and process control

Ricardo Energy & Environment helps industry to save money through improvements in operational efficiency while complying with exacting environmental legislation.

Our Air Quality experts offer leading industry process knowledge, comprehensive regulatory experience and up-to-date understanding of industry-specific compliance requirements.

Our emissions management and control service covers everything from assessment and advice on process changes, to capital investment and business case development support and plant modifications, ensuring that business decisions enhance profitability and limit regulatory risk.

Hydraulic fracturing - comprehensive support for policy makers and regulators

The development of shale-gas resources using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is one of the highest profile issues facing policy makers and regulators. Ricardo Energy & Environment works with clients around the world providing the independent expertise that helps them resolve the many policy, practical and public challenges that fracking presents.

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Odour measurement - Accredited Olfactometry Service

Ricardo Energy & Environment offers a comprehensive odour sampling and UKAS accredited olfactometry management service to support agriculture, process industry, and waste industries with accurate odour analysis. The service complements AEA’s in-depth process, environmental assessment and regulatory expertise.

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Biomass installations and air quality – how to strike the balance

Energy generation from biomass is set to play an increasingly important role in helping the UK meet legally binding commitments to reduce carbon emissions. At a local level, the growing impact of biomass combustion on air quality is placing pressure on local authority planning and environmental health departments. As the air-quality impact of biomass installations comes under increased scrutiny, planning applications and their approval need to be underpinned by robust and defensible evidence.

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Understanding real-world driving emissions

Vehicle emissions are the primary cause of air quality standard exceedances in the majority of UK Air Quality Management Areas. Increasing pressure to reduce the impact of pollution from vehicles has led to growing interest in the implementation of strict ‘Clean Air’ and ‘Low Emission Zones’. However, such mitigation measures are expensive to design and implement, and are often politically unpalatable due to difficulties in garnering public support. To aid transparency and maximise the cost-effectiveness of low-emission policy development, it is critical that decisions are underpinned by high-quality, location-specific, and up-to-date information.

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MODUS – software for managing air quality data

Developed by Ricardo Energy & Environment, the MODUS system is a state-of-the-art, modular platform that facilitates the robust, reliable and effective management of air quality data. Comprised of three core modules, it provides users with comprehensive workflow tools covering all air quality data management tasks – from automated data imports to data scaling, validation and dissemination through websites and apps for mobile devices.

MODUS ensures datasets and associated analysis, reporting and interpretation are available where and when needed, and are supported by best practice quality assurance procedures.

The system can be delivered as standalone software on client systems, deployed as a cloud solution or as a managed service delivered by Ricardo Energy & Environment.