Ricardo Energy & Environment’s resource efficiency and waste management team has established itself at the forefront of the UK market, through a dedication to detail, an appreciation of client needs and the recruitment of outstanding specialist resource efficiency and waste management consultants.

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Auditing and resource optimisation

‘Managing out’ waste can save resources and money. Ricardo Energy & Environment assists organisations to prepare baseline assessments of their sites, processes and policies, thus identifying opportunities to optimise resource use, ensuring legislative compliance, realising financial savings and improving performance of staff, services and systems. Read more...

Circular Economy Strategy

The circular economy is an ambitious vision for a smarter way of managing resources through new business models and new supply chain collaborations. It helps to secure businesses against risks such as resource scarcity, ultimately making supply chains more sustainable and competitive, and also demonstrates businesses’ social responsibility. Read more...

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Public and stakeholder engagement

Ricardo Energy & Environment is a leading provider of public and stakeholder engagement services. We help clients hold worthwhile conversations with their stakeholders, supporting better decision-making, avoiding conflict with the public and encouraging behaviour change. Read more...

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Due diligence assessment

Appropriate due diligence is essential for any development or acquisition project. It provides an assessment of a project’s deliverability and forms the basis for understanding project risk. A high quality due diligence assessment undertaken by a team which can add value to the process will enhance a project’s deliverability and minimise risks. Only by objectively assessing a project and its associated risks will all stakeholders be confident that a project can proceed and that their investment is secure. Read more...

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Environmental economics

Environmental economics explores and analyses the interactions between the environment and the economy, giving businesses the tools and techniques to assess the impacts of environmental policy. Ricardo Energy & Environment assists the public and private sectors to inform decision making processes egarding the allocation of scarce resources. Read more...

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Environmental permitting and planning support

Waste-to-energy plants can deliver against renewable energy policies and provide efficient waste handling. Ricardo Energy & Environment’s niche expertise and know-how makes us perfectly placed to work with industry and regulators in waste facility planning and permitting. Read more...

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Environmental product declarations

An environmental product declaration (EPD) is a verified document that reports the environmental data of products based on life-cycle assessment (LCA), other relevant information and in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 (Type III Environmental Declarations). EPDs are a consistent format (within a specific product/sector category) to communicate the results of an LCA study. Read more...

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Life cycle assessment (LCA )

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is an established method for assessing the environmental (and sometimes social) impacts of a product, service, business, policy or process. Read more

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Managing the impacts on health of waste management facilities

People are concerned about whether new waste management facilities will affect their health. This means that health issues must be taken into consideration during planning, design and operation of these facilities. Rightly or wrongly, health concerns often delay the procurement, planning and delivery of new facilities. Read more...

Odour management

Unpleasant odours are bad for the bottom line, but they can also seriously damage a company's reputation for years. Ricardo Energy & Environment is the only UK consultancy with the capability to provide a fully integrated, in-house, UKAS accredited odour analysis service with a complete range of process, environmental and energy management expertise. Read more...

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Procurement and bid support

Ensuring that the right services and infrastructure are available to meet local and national targets is a key issue for local authorities and their service providers. Ricardo Energy & Environment helps private and public sector clients develop procurement strategies, prepare contract documents and evaluate tenders to ensure cost-effective and high performing contracts are let or won. Read more...

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Product and Organisation Environmental Footprinting (PEF/OEF)

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) are two concepts that are rapidly gaining traction as potential policy areas within the European Union. Ricardo Energy & Environment looks at what the future might bring, what it could mean for your business and how we can help. Read more

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Resource scarcity

The lack of future resources is likely to lead to greater policy intervention, potential restriction on use and greater competition for a particular resource between businesses, sectors and nations. For competitive advantage to be maintained, businesses need to understand the future challenges and opportunities around resource availability. Read more...

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Service reviews and benchmarking

Understanding current service performance is the first stage in improving delivery, whether this be kerbside recycling participation, the recovery of materials at household waste recycling centres or crew performance. Ricardo Energy & Environment monitors and benchmarks performance, and prepares operational action plans to help deliver improvements. Read more...

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Support for cities

Cities and urban areas are responsible for an ever-increasing share of the world’s population and economic activity. Building sustainability into the heart of cities’ infrastructure, economies and policies will ensure their long-term security and vitality in a globally interconnected world. Read more...

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The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations require that, as from 1 January 2015, waste collection organisations must collect waste paper, metal, plastic and glass separately, where it is technically, environmentally and economically practicable (TEEP), and appropriate to meet ‘the necessary quality standards for the relevant recycling sectors’. Read more...

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Training and capacity building

A productive workforce is essential for delivering the new services and facilities that national and local waste and resource strategies require. Ricardo Energy & Environment can help you asses current training needs, develop capacity-building programmes, and deliver bespoke training to support staff in all aspects of waste and resource management to ensure they are up-to date, motivational and committed. Read more...

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Waste management policy, analysis and delivery

In this time of economic austerity, the need for leadership and structure is more evident than ever before if further sustainable products, policies and services are to be delivered. Ricardo Energy & Environment helps you to identify and evaluate new concepts and strategies to stimulate your sustainability agenda and facilitate innovative improvements. Read more...

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Waste market research

We operate in a diverse market of merchant and municipal waste infrastructure, amongst fluctuating household and commercial waste arisings. Ricardo Energy & Environment helps clients to make informed decisions about sites, feedstock sources and competitor landscapes. A combination of in-depth analysis and diverse industry insight produces bespoke, current and consolidated market intelligence. Read more...

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Resource and waste modelling

Technical models come in a very wide range of formats, but Ricardo Energy & Environment has a large team of people skilled in waste-flow modelling, life-cycle assessment (LCA), cost-benefit analysis and the other modelling techniques that are required to inform environmental policy decisions. Read more...

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Waste treatment technologies

Supporting decision makers and developers in optimising solutions.