Delivering competitive advantage

Sustainability strategy development

In the past, organisations have tended to consider energy, waste and water consumption as separate, independent issues, thus missing the bigger goal of sustainability.  

Sophisticated businesses are increasingly taking an integrated, strategic approach to sustainability to protect them and their supply chains against environmental and reputational risk.

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s experts work with businesses and organisations to develop real-world sustainability strategies and the development of sustainable goods and services.  

We support all aspects of environmental sustainability from board level decision making, to the practical development and successful implementation of delivery programmes.

Economic Impact Assessment

Businesses create jobs, generate wealth and contribute to sustainable communities. Performing an Economic Impact Assessment allows these positive impacts on the local and national economy to be recognised, as well as supporting the business case for new investment.

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s team of economists has extensive experience in quantifying the economic impacts of projects, strategies and initiatives across a range of sectors. Coupled with our detailed understanding of the technologies, sectors and industries concerned, we are well-placed to demonstrate the economic benefits of green business.

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Market assessment

The transition to a green economy will bring about significant changes across almost all business activities, creating opportunities for new products and services as well as changing the nature of current markets.

Ricardo Energy & Environment is uniquely placed to identify the changes in these markets through our understanding of the environmental policies which shape them, the sectors that will be affected, and the business opportunities and technological solutions which will be stimulated.

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Sustainable Product Development

Ricardo Energy & Environment provides sustainable product development support to business leaders across the UK. Our services include direct eco-design support for products and packaging, and working with host companies through their supply chains to realise financial savings through resource efficiency in design and product development.

Our activities include the development of full impact assessments to demonstrate the benefits and risks of implementing new European eco-design and eco-labelling legislation in the UK.

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Technical and Commercial Due Diligence

Ricardo Energy & Environment provides due diligence services to investors and decision makers, delivering market, technical and commercial insights.

Our work supports loan offers, investment choices and grant awards. We provide insight and analysis and present complex issues, enabling our clients to make clear, informed choices.

We have decades of experience of overseeing the implementation of renewable energy and energy from waste schemes. We use tried and tested knowledge and proven methodologies for the benefit of our clients.

 Managing reputation & risk

Regulatory compliance, planning and risk management

Responsible businesses take their environmental compliance and risk management obligations very seriously recognising the significant adverse impacts on cost and reputation that poor compliance threatens.

Ricardo Energy & Environment provides a range of services to help organisations meet regulatory obligations or voluntary standards, enabling businesses to deliver today and plan for the future with confidence.

Our services include data management in relation to the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme, the development of frameworks and performance audits to comply with ISO 14001/ ISO 50001, and the calculation and audit of greenhouse gas footprints under the ISO 14064 (Parts 1-3) standard. Additionally we provide specialist expertise in air quality, ecology, water and waste supporting companies through planning applications.

Greenhouse Gas Footprinting and reduction - carbon management

With brand reputation increasingly linked to environmental performance, businesses and other organisations are under pressure to be open and transparent about their carbon credentials and to consider carefully how these are best communicated.

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s extensive and highly-experienced carbon management team works with its clients to determine greenhouse gas emissions from individual corporate footprints, to those of specific products and across entire value chains including peer benchmarking services.

We provide emission reporting and assurance to inform annual Corporate Responsibility reports, and reduction strategies to improve performance and associated cost savings and penalty avoidance.

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Environmental policy advice

All businesses, must fully understand the policy context in which they operate and the impact of possible change in that landscape.  

Managers want to respond faster than their competition if regulatory changes are to be made, and have their voices heard by policy-makers.  

Ricardo Energy & Environment works at the heart of UK and European government and regulation and can help businesses operate in the context of rapidly evolving environmental policy.  Our environmental experts understand the latest policy issues and challenges and can help businesses assess the potential impacts and better prepare for future challenges.


 Improving operational efficiencies

Employee engagement & behaviour change

Changing employees’ attitudes and behaviours is crucial to the success of any business change programme.

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s team of behaviour change experts work with businesses of all types to design and deliver programmes that result is material reductions in energy, waste and costs.

Our teams understand the issues and barriers to adopting these behaviours and are able to identify best techniques to engage staff at all levels in achieving lasting improvements in resource efficiency.

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Climate Risk and Adaptation

Ricardo Energy & Environment is a world-leading consultancy on climate risk and adaptation, helping organisations improve their resilience to climate-related risks and gain multiple benefits from adaptation.

Our services include awareness-raising and training to build organisational capacity on climate risk and resilience and developing the business case for adaptation. We support climate-resilient decision-making through risk assessments, cost-benefit analysis and options appraisal at whole-enterprise level or in specific business areas. We provide outreach and engagement to help organisations address climate risks in partnership with stakeholders and supply chains.

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Low carbon implementation support

Implementing a low carbon project brings new challenges for most businesses in understanding the best technology options and the opportunities and risks in the regulatory and incentive frameworks.

 Ricardo Energy & Environment has more than 20 years’ experience in helping businesses through these issues, either on a specific topic or on the entire process. Our services includes initial review of options, detailed feasibility studies, support to procurement, witnessing commissioning and handover tests, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Low pollution, low carbon transport solutions

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s in-depth understanding of low-carbon and low-polluting transport technologies makes us the partner of choice when seeking to identify areas of focus for the reduction of emissions and cost.

As a recognised market leader in the strategic analysis of sustainable transport solutions, we apply evidence-based analysis to develop informed strategies and action plans that improve the sustainability and cost effectiveness of clients’ vehicles and fleets.