Project examples

Clients value the robust solutions and unique technical expertise that we provide. Read some of our project examples here: 

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Calculating a major retailer’s carbon footprint

Ricardo Energy & Environment has calculated the annual carbon footprint of a major retailer for the last three years. The work has involved analysing the year-on-year changes to the footprint, both absolute and in relation to the retailer’s overall business performance and drivers. The extent of the footprint has been widened with the addition of scope 3 emissions from overseas freight contractors and the acquisition of a European retail brand. The calculation was used as the basis for external communication on environmental performance.

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s experts made an important contribution to the CSR content of the retailer’s annual report and have written its annual submission to the CDP.

Anaerobic digestion

Centralised Anaerobic Digestion in the Dairy Supply Chain

The dairy industry has set itself challenging greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energy targets and anaerobic digestion (AD) is recognised as an important component in achieving these objectives. AD is the breakdown of organic material in the absence of oxygen, to produce a methane rich biogas, which can be used to generate electricity and heat and displace fossil fuel use. Find out more...


De Vere Hotel Air Quality Impact Assessment

Ricardo Energy & Environment delivered an air quality modelling assessment to support the planning application for a new hotel in Edinburgh. Ricardo Energy & Environment’s experts carried out pre-application consultation with the local planning authority undertook atmospheric dispersion modelling of road traffic emissions, provided a dust risk assessment together with recommended mitigation for the construction phase, and submitted a best practice impact assessment to form part of the planning application.




Environmental Quality at UK Airports

Ricardo Energy & Environment has been helping airport operators, airlines and policy makers to address environmental challenges in the aviation sector for over two decades. The work with airports, including, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow, to monitors the environmental impacts of aviation to specifically address issues of noise, carbon and air quality.

Food & Drink

small veg heart

Global food manufacturer reviews environmental risks to their supply chain

A global food manufacturer, appointed Ricardo Energy & Environment to advise their business on long term environmental risks that could impact upon their supply chain. Read more


Global food manufacturer targets the benefits of renewable energy

A global multi-national food company has set itself a target to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2015. Assisting companies and organisations reduce their carbon emissions is a core activity of Ricardo Energy & Environment, which was contracted to assess the suitability of renewable energy technologies across 12 of the company’s UK manufacturing plants. Read more…



CRC audit of major UK telecoms provider

A major UK telecoms provider required robust CRC evidence to account for its portfolio of data centre installations, mobile phone network, stores and offices. The evidence needed to meet the Environment Agency’s evidence pack guidance to avoid penalties and reputational impacts. Ricardo Energy & Environment delivered a detailed audit of the client’s CRC participation, involving key staff interviews, an evidence review and an assessment of the calculations undertaken to determine CRC energy and emissions.

As a result of the audit the client benefited from recommendations to streamline data assessment, and received an audit certificate to demonstrate scheme compliance to the CRC regulator.



Powering ahead: The future of low carbon cars and fuels

The RAC Foundation and the UK Petroleum Industry Association commissioned Ricardo Energy & Environment to examine the relative merits of the major fuels and powertrains in delivering the UK’s greenhouse gas reduction targets over the coming decades. Find out more...


Carbon strategy for global engine manufacturer

A global engine manufacturer needed to understand how its planned expansion and future changes to legislation would affect its participation in carbon schemes such as the CRC, Climate Change Agreements and the EU Emissions Trading System.

Ricardo Energy & Environment mapped the client’s current and future liabilities and delivered carbon cost and regulatory risk assessments. This enabled the manufacturer to plan for future carbon costs, target its energy efficiency investment programme where carbon costs are highest and implement a focussed lobbying strategy.


Carbon footprinting services for an international oil and gas company

Since 2008, Ricardo Energy & Environment has provided carbon footprinting and reporting services for an international oil and gas company. This has included the calculation of the company’s annual carbon footprint, and the development of a bespoke data collection and analysis tool. Ricardo Energy & Environment’s expert support has provided the company with the confidence to publicly report on its footprint, helping to maintain its brand image by demonstrating that it understands and is taking responsibility for its emissions. Each year, the results of Ricardo Energy & Environment’s footprint calculations are published in the company’s annual report. In 2012, Ricardo Energy & Environment helped to prepare the company’s annual submission to the CDP.

Financial Services


Working with Citi to enable climate change action

The leading global banking group Citi - ranked by Bloomberg in 2013 as the world’s greenest bank - is committed to directing US $50 billion towards initiatives aimed at addressing climate change through the commercialisation and growth of alternative energy and clean technology in markets around the world. Ricardo Energy & Environment was appointed by Citi to apply its climate finance expertise to inform and support the internal council and implementation of a client event on alternative energy finance. Read more...


Compliance management for a large property development company

Our customer was looking for an expert supplier to manage its entire CRC compliance and address any emerging complexities regarding data requirements and the application of scheme rules to its complex property portfolio.

We developed a compliance plan, established a network of data and evidence suppliers across the organisation and managed the processes through the compliance year. Our customer was able to have complete confidence in our expert management of its CRC responsibilities and focus its attention on other key areas of the business.

Waste Industry


Landfill closure design and environmental management – Pfizer UK Ltd

The Back Sand Point landfill site has been used by Pfizer for waste disposal since 1953. The company came across three key barriers during site closure and restoration work. Find out more...

Johnson Matthey

Delivering a sustainable procurement workshop to senior procurement staff across Johnson Matthey’s business

We have been working with Johnson Matthey (a speciality chemicals company) for a number of years on the development of its carbon management programme, including development of a carbon policy and management strategy. An opportunity for more focused activity on ‘sustainable procurement’- had been identified and was something that would fit well with Johnson Matthey’s broader sustainability programme, which included in-house training and mentoring activities. Find out more...

Shanks Waste

Providing expertise to help make Shanks Waste Management’s technical bids for local government organic waste treatment successful

Local authorities in the UK are being challenged to collect and process organic wastes (kitchen and garden) in more sustainable ways to help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from landfill sites and redress concerns about climate change. As such, they must let new contracts for the collection of source-segregated food and garden wastes, and procure new treatment infrastructure (eg in-vessel compost units or anaerobic-digestion facilities) to treat this material and generate useful products (eg compost, fertiliser or energy). These contracts rely on private-sector, waste-management companies that have the experience and expertise to design and deliver the necessary services to ensure optimum performance. Find out more...

Verdant Group

Investigating contractual relationships - Verdant Group PLC

Local authorities (LAs) in the UK need to set out their agenda for delivering sustainable waste management solutions that comply with increasing national and EU legislation and targets. With these challenges in mind, private sector waste companies (and LAs) need to be more flexible and open to considering different contractual relationships, and evaluating those most appropriate for their local circumstances. Find out more...