Meet the team

Sujith Kollamthodi
Sujith Kollamthodi, Practice Director – Sustainable Transport

Sujith Kollamthodi provides technical leadership for all of our work on transport-related issues. He has 19 years’ experience working on transport sector issues, covering all modes of transport, with experience in leading research and consultancy projects for governments and the private sector. He has particular expertise in vehicle technologies, alternative fuels, transport-related environmental policies, economic analysis and stakeholder engagement.

Tel: 01235 753526

Nikolas Hill
Nikolas Hill – Transport Technologies and Fuels

Nik specialises in transport technology and fuels and has over 15 years’ experience working on transport, energy and climate change issues, with extensive experience in developing transport greenhouse gas emission and cost models for the range of different transport modes. Other key skills include assessing the energy and environmental impacts of transport, life-cycle analysis, and technology assessments.

Tel: 01235 753522

Gena Gibson x 100
Gena Gibson - Policy Development

Gena specialises in the development of policy strategies for protecting the environment, reducing administrative burdens to business, improving competitiveness and supporting innovation. She has led projects for a number of influential international clients, including the OECD, US EPA and the European Commission.

Tel: 01235 753164

Tsamis A
Dr. Achilleas Tsamis – Policy Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Achilleas is a Principal Consultant in the Sustainable Transport Practice. He is an expert in policy evaluation and impact assessments of legislation, financial support programmes and other policy measures with over 8 years of experience. He has developed expertise in the development of indicator systems for measuring and monitoring performance of policy initiatives He has a long record of managing and delivering evaluations and impact assessment for the European Commission and other European institutions. His work covers a broad range of thematic areas with particular focus on transport, enterprise, innovation and regional development policy.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 753181

asselin miller N
Nick Asselin-Miller – Low carbon Technologies

Nick is a principal consultant in the sustainable transport practice. He has a wide-ranging experience in the low carbon transport field (in particular in relation to hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles). His work has spanned the various stages along the commercialisation pathway for new low carbon technologies, including: detailed technical due diligence assignments to assess new low carbon products and markets; business model planning support and route-to-market strategies; stakeholder engagement and consumer preference analysis; Government policy options appraisal and optimisation analysis; national and European funding bid application coordination and consortium management; strategic infrastructure planning and technology deployment strategies and; deployment project management.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 753292

Horton G
Gareth Horton – Aircraft and Engine analysis

Gareth Horton has over thirty years’ experience in aircraft and engine analysis and consultancy at industry, national and international level.  As a member of different ICAO-CAEP (the Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection) and SAE Working Groups, Gareth has contributed to the development of guidance on methods for calculating emissions from aircraft engines and the assessment of future regulations for aircraft and engines.  Gareth provides support to European Commission agencies on the development of a new aircraft CO2 Standard under ICAO-CAEP, covering both the technical aspects of aircraft emissions and the economic modelling within the CAEP Cost Effectiveness study leading to the CAEP meeting in early 2016. Gareth was heavily involved in the ICAO-CAEP NOx Stringency and Environmental Goals analyses for the 2010 CAEP meeting, applying an aviation greenhouse gas model to a range of options and scenarios.  Gareth has developed advanced methods for the calculation of emissions and produced advice for UK Government departments on emissions modelling and future aircraft technology and he has led the development of future aircraft technology and performance modelling in projects such as an aviation Marginal Abatement Cost Curve model for a UK Government department. He led the Ricardo input to the European TEAM_ Play project, developing a flexible future fleet and operations forecasting model as part of the demonstration of a pan-European aviation environmental modelling capability.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 753050

Norris J
Dr John Norris – Automotive emissions

Dr John Norris provides technical leadership and project management expertise for a portfolio of projects.  He is a principal consultant with over 30 years scientific research experience whose key knowledge areas encompass fuels (fossil, alternative and bio-fuels), vehicle technologies and vehicle emissions. Recent projects have included detailed studies involving testing vehicles (on chassis dynamometers and/or on-the-road PEMS testing) for WLTP-NEDC emissions correlation, heavy-duty methane fuelled vehicles characterisation, and developing speed-emission and speed-energy curves for ultra-low emission vehicles.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 753685

Hitchcock G
Dr Guy Hitchcock – Air quality and Emissions

Guy has over 20 years' experience of research and consulting on the environmental impacts of transport. He has worked in both consultancy and academia including roles as the Head of the Centre Energy and the Environment at the University of Exeter, a Director of his own consultancy company, Sustainable Transport Solutions Ltd, and running the Bristol office of Transport and Travel Research Ltd. Guy has worked for a wide range of clients in both the public and private sector including UK Government departments, the European Commission, Heathrow Airport Ltd, and a wide range of local authorities.  He has particular expertise in relation to air quality and transport emissions, working on national air quality projects and city level transport emission reduction strategies.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 753327

Walker C
Charles Walker

Charles Walker has over twenty years’ experience of atmospheric dispersion modelling and emission inventory compilation. Charles has undertaken numerous air quality and greenhouse gas assessments of UK airports. He has also been involved in the production of carbon footprints for a number of UK airports. Over the past decade he has developed inventories of emissions and fuel use for civil aircraft in the UK for inclusion in the ‘National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory’.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 753115


staceyBrianx100 copy
Brian Stacey

Brian Stacey has extensive experience in all aspects of air quality monitoring, including field and laboratory studies, data handling and processing and acts as Technical Lead for a network of monitoring stations at major UK airports. Brian also is a committee member on a number of European Working Groups which all provide expert input to determining EC policy on Air Quality Monitoring methodologies and uncertainties.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 753634