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Sean Christiansen - Air Quality & Environment Practice Director

Sean is Practice Director for Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Air Quality & Environment Practice. Sean brings a depth and breadth of knowledge that spans the full range of air quality disciplines – from measurement, inventory compilation and pollution modelling to the development of air quality management strategies. He has 20 years of experience of air quality consultancy, serving clients on the local, national and international scale in both the public and private sectors.

Sean has led and contributed to numerous air pollution projects and programmes including the development of complex air pollution measurement networks, national pollution emissions inventories, pollution modelling studies and air quality data archives all designed to provide the critical evidence base necessary to inform decision making of clients.

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Dr Alan Collings - Air Quality & Environment Delivery Manager

Alan is responsible for the timely delivery of project and programme outputs, ensuring their quality and consistency fully meets our own and our clients’ expectations. Alan is an experienced environmental scientist and consultant, with over two decades of experience in the environmental sector in the UK and overseas.

Alan has in-depth knowledge of industrial process assessment and air pollution measurements. This is underpinned by a distinguished background as a laboratory manager and chief chemist. In these roles, he specialised in the commercial analysis of environmental samples for a large range of environmental parameters and ISO 17025 accreditation. Alan’s strong project management background has been honed and refined on projects and programme delivery for national and city governments, environmental agencies and the private sector.

Tel: 01235 753700

Paul Willis - Automatic Air Measurements & Data Delivery Business Manager

Paul has over two decades of experience in atmospheric chemistry and is a nationally respected expert. Throughout his career, he has developed extensive knowledge of air quality policy with a focus on the practical aspects of delivering high-quality pollution measurements, data analysis, interpretation, pollution forecasting and data dissemination. Paul provides deep technical insight, policy know-how and leadership to Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Air Measurements and Data Delivery teams. He has a clear understanding of the policy and legislative drivers that underpin the provision of timely, appropriate – yet accessible – air quality information to the public, national and city Governments, and our private sector clients.

Paul oversees a wide range of projects including the quality control of national and regional air pollution measurement networks, national and city-scale data analysis and information dissemination contracts, provision of a technical support helpdesk and training. Paul’s depth of experience is recognised through his membership of the Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG), a world renowned group of experts that provides independent scientific advice on air quality to the UK Government.

Tel: 01235 753639

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Brian Stacey - Measurement Quality Assurance and Quality Control Knowledge Leader

Brian has over two decades of experience in all aspects of air quality measurements covering laboratory and field campaigns, and subsequent data handling and processing. Brian has designed, implemented and operated air pollution monitoring networks at national, city and local scales, and has a focus on attaining high-quality data, at high data-capture rates, that fully meet defined data quality objectives.

Brian maintains Ricardo Energy & Environment’s ISO 17025 accreditation for air quality measurements. He participates widely in collaborative programmes on air quality measurement techniques with roles that include acting as the UK expert representative on EU and World Health Organisation fora that address measurement methods and quality standards. Brian sits on European Committee for Standardization (CEN) committees and European working groups dedicated to the development of air quality measurement methodologies and better understanding data uncertainties. His membership includes AQUILA, BSI EH/2/3, CEN TC 264 WG12 and CEN TC 264 WG15. Brian has been appointed by the UK Environment Agency to its Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) Certification Committeeto review and approve particulate analysers for use in UK national compliance measurement networks. His work is central to ensuring measurement evidence bases are compliant with air quality directives and harmonised with high-quality measurements globally.

Tel: 01235 753634

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Steve Telling - Air Quality Monitoring Programme Design and Implementation Knowledge Leader

Steve has almost three decades of experience as an air quality consultant. He has a deep and broad knowledge of all aspects of air pollution monitoring that has benefitted high-profile projects in the UK, Europe, Central and East Asia, the Middle East and the USA. Steve has designed and implemented measurement programmes, networks and campaigns using a wide variety of techniques including complex automatic, semi-automatic and passive measurement methods and is familiar with a wide range of quality assurance and quality control protocols.

His expertise has been used for ambient-air measurement networks at national and city scale, providing the overall design, implementation and operation of networks; instrument evaluation testing; site commissioning; development of appropriate quality assurance procedures; calibration and auditing of analysers; operator training; data analysis/interpretation; and overall reporting. Over the last decade, Steve has specialised in the measurement of hydrocarbon species.

Tel: 01235 753637

Dr Beth Conlan - Modelling, Mapping & Assessments Business Manager

Beth is a recognised national and international air quality expert. For over two decades, Beth has delivered air quality management solutions at local, national and international scales, specialising in city/local-scale air quality assessments. Beth has extensive experience of the design, appraisal and implementation of low emission strategies and low emission zones including their economic appraisal through cost benefit analysis and cost efficiency analysis. Beth’s knowledge is underpinned by in-depth understanding of dispersion modelling, emission inventory development and air pollution measurements.

Beth has worked on well over 200 air quality assessments, many of which have been promoted as examples of best practice. Beth’s expertise has been called upon by national governments for the development of air quality management technical guidance and associated helpdesks. Beth advises the European Commission on the implementation of air quality management including providing support on the ongoing review of the Air Quality Directive. Beth’s depth of knowledge and experience is reflected in the advisory positions that she holds including membership of the UK’s Investigation of Air Pollution Standing Conference steering committee and Environmental Protection UK’s (EPUK) air quality management committee.

Tel: 01235 753480

Dr Guy Hitchcock - Low Emission Strategies Knowledge Leader

Guy has over two decades of experience of research and consulting on the environmental impacts of transport. He has worked in consultancy and academia including roles as the head of the Centre for Energy and the Environment at the University of Exeter, a Director of his own consultancy company (Sustainable Transport Solutions Ltd), and running the Bristol office of Transport and Travel Research Ltd. Guy has worked for a wide range of clients in the UK and internationally.

Guy has worked for a wide range of clients in both the public and private sector including UK Government departments, the European Commission, Heathrow Airport Ltd, and a wide range of local authorities.  His experience covers national and international studies on transport technology and emissions, in relation to air quality and climate change policies. He played a leading role in the development of Low Emissions Zones in the UK having worked on both the London and Oxford LEZ’s, has supported the development of transport emission reduction strategies for many UK local authorities and provided expert input for the development a 'Heavy Duty Vehicle Emission Strategy for Abu Dhabi.

Tel: 01235 753327

John Stedman - Air Quality Analysis and Policy Support Knowledge Leader

John and his team are responsible for the analysis and assessment of air pollution on the national scale. He has over two decades of experience in the development and application of innovative analysis, modelling and mapping approaches to a wide range of ‘difficult’ challenges faced by national and international governments. John’s team applies the very latest statistical and spatial analysis approaches to a wide spectrum of projects including urban and rural air quality, acid deposition and the assessment of the health benefits arising from proposed policy measures aimed at improving air quality.

John provides technical support across a number of policy areas including the UK Air Quality Strategy and the UK’s implementation of the EU air quality directives through the provision of the UK’s annual air quality assessments and reporting on Air Quality Plans. John's expertise has been acknowledged through his membership of a number of a world renowned expert groups including the UK’s Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG), the Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards (EPAQS), Photo-oxidants Review Group (PORG), the Airborne Particles Expert Group (APEG) and the Department of Health’s Committee on the Medical Effect of Air Pollutants (COMEAP) Quantification and Standards Advisory Subgroups.

Tel: 01235 753635

Dr Scott Hamilton - Urban Scale Air Quality Modelling and Assessments Knowledge Leader

Scott is experienced in the field of environmental engineering with interests that include the characterisation of emissions to air from industrial, road traffic and other sources, and the assessment of such sources on ambient concentrations using a variety of dispersion modelling approaches (e.g. DMRB, ADMS, ADMS Roads, AERMOD). Scott leads Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Urban Scale Air Quality Assessment team that undertakes city and local scale air quality management assessments associated with proposed development planning applications in the land-use planning regime. The team’s work includes the impacts on air quality of sources as diverse as small biomass boilers, large power stations and all modes of transport. Scott’s experience is reflected in demand for his expertise as a trainer on air quality management through programmes such as the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s EMAQ training programme, which is endorsed by the UK’s Institute of Air Quality Management.

Tel: 01235 753716

Dr Ross Hunter - Emission Inventories & Projections Business Manager

Ross is a recognised national air quality expert who has a decade of experience in providing scientific support to the development of policies on air quality and climate change. Ross oversees a number of high-profile projects and programmes for Ricardo Energy & Environment including the UK’s National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory, the development of a climate change monitoring and evaluation framework for South Africa, and a policy analysis project that underpins the Climate Change Strategy for Wales. Ross’s wealth of experience includes the development, implementation and application of emissions inventories, the development of innovative methods for the transparent tracking of air pollution and climate change mitigation policies effectiveness, the design of indicator datasets and in-depth knowledge of the relationships between scientific analysis and advice and the development of policy at the local, city and national scales.

Tel: 01235753095
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Dr Tim Murrells Transport emissions - air pollution modelling and atmospheric chemistry Knowledge Leader

Tim has over two decades of experience in emissions inventories, transport emissions, air pollution modelling and atmospheric chemistry. As well as being a Knowledge Leader, Tim is the Technical Director of Ricardo Energy & Environment’s inventory programmes, the business lead on road transport emissions modelling and emission projections, and the lead on modelling of tropospheric ozone in the UK. Tim regularly provides high-level technical support to governments, including the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Department for Transport (DfT), on issues concerning transport emissions including emission forecasting and scenario modelling of different transport policies and regulatory impact assessments of policies such as the introduction of cleaner vehicles and fuels. Tim’s depth of knowledge and experience has been acknowledged through his membership of the world renowned Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG) that provides independent scientific advice on air quality to the UK Government.

Tel: 01235 753633

Dr John Watterson - Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories Knowledge Leader

John has over two decades of experience in environmental consultancy. John led the team that produced the UK’s greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories for submission under the Kyoto Protocol from 2002 to 2006 and has implemented a number of substantial programmes of development and improvement on inventory approaches. John and his team have assessed, designed and delivered numerous national and international inventory projects; represented the UK at European GHG inventory working groups; worked with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) to develop international methodologies for the estimation of GHG emissions; and developed GHG reporting software. John’s international work has seen him assist a number of countries with aspects of their GHG inventories, most recently supporting the Government of Saudi Arabia in preparing its second national communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Government of Malta on the implementation of its national inventory system and the Government of the Philippines on the development of its GHG inventory framework.

Tel: 01235 753595

Glen Thistlethwaite - Air Emissions Inventories Knowledge Leader

Glen has nearly two decades of experience in environmental consultancy. He is a leading energy and industrial process expert with a background in emissions measurement and industrial process technologies. His areas of expertise include general combustion, power generation, oil and gas production, refineries, iron and steel works, ammonia production, nitric acid production, chemical and petrochemical production, and cement kilns. Working with UK industrial operators and regulators, Glen and his team provide industry-specific analysis of process control, fuel quality/switching and emission abatement options, and tracking and forecasting industrial emission trends to assess the UK’s policy and regulatory framework and progress to national air quality targets. Glen has extensive international experience having worked with inventory compilers from Europe, Asia and South America.

Tel: 01235 753638

Dr Stuart Sneddon - Air Quality Business Manager Scotland

Stuart has over a decade of experience in the environmental sector. His areas of expertise encompass air quality, climate change mitigation, and human health and environmental risk assessments. His specialist skills include emissions inventories, air quality action planning, dispersion modelling, environmental impact assessments, public consultation and environmental training. Stuart leads on a number of high-profile projects including managing the Scottish Air Quality Database; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Air Quality Management Project; Know & Respond Scotland; and provides support to national air quality emissions and greenhouse gas inventories. Stuart’s depth of knowledge and experience has been acknowledged through his election to the Chair of Environmental Protection Scotland's Air Quality Advisory Group and as a committee member of the Institute of Air Quality Management.

Tel: 01235 753015

Brian Donovan - Specialist Measurement Measurements Business Manager

Brian is a nationally respected expert who has over two decades of experience in the design, validation and interpretation of ambient pollution and emission measurement programmes and surveys. Brian has deep insight into a wide range of techniques and approaches for the measurement of environmental pollutants and air toxics including high and medium volume samplers, deposition gauges, diffusion tubes, and pumped and denuder tubes. Brian and his team specialise in the measurement of a wide variety of pollutants, beyond the standard suite, including volatile organic compounds; parameters of acid rain; particulates covering a wide range of size fractions and metrics such as mass and number; metals; radionuclides; odours; bio-aerosols; dioxins; polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs); and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Brian leads Ricardo Energy & Environment’s specialist measurement network contracts that include the high-profile UK Eutrophying and Acidifying Pollutants (UKEAP) network, various hydrocarbons measurement networks and emergency response air pollution quality measurement facilities. He also oversees the Ricardo Energy & Environment Aerosol Science Centre and CEMS and Performance Testing Consultancy.

Tel: 01235 753548

Rob Stewart - Industrial Processes and Abatement Knowledge Leader

Rob is an industrial chemist by training and is a specialist in industrial process and abatement technology. He has over two decades of experience in environmental consultancy. Much of this time was dedicated to providing Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permitting support and guidance to industry and regulators. Rob has significant experience in the characterisation of emissions from industrial processes and has provided consultancy on combustion emissions and emissions measurement to governments, regulators and industry in the UK and internationally. Rob’s expertise has been critical to the UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory where he has developed improved pollutant emission factors for various industrial and other activities, particularly for combustion processes.

Rob has revised the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) guidebook on emission inventories and projections – initially to include particle matter of less than 10 microns in diameter (PM10) and 2.5 microns (PM2.5) in the guidebook, but also as part of a major revision to the combustion chapters to align these with IPCC guidance on greenhouse gas inventories. He has provided support to the numerous national and city-scale governments on the potential air quality impacts of increased biomass use for heating. He has also provided support to the European Commission on proposals to modify the IPPC Directive by assessing the impacts and benefits of simplifying the Titanium Dioxide Directives and extending the IPPC threshold to include 20MWth – 50MWth energy installations.

Tel: 01235 753611

Dr Ian Marshall - Aerosol Science Knowledge Leader

Ian leads Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Aerosol Science and Oil Dispersants laboratory. He has over two decades of experience in aerosol science, involving the behaviour and measurement of gas-borne particles and droplets. He specialises in instrument calibration, standard development, instrument evaluation/validation, automotive emissions, indoor and ambient air quality assessment, stack sampler validation, in-situ filter testing, best practicable means (BPM) assessment of gaseous discharges and ventilation plant design/assessments. Ian is an expert on the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Working Group (CEN/TC264/WG32) for particle number concentration determination, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Working Groups for particle sizing by light interaction (ISO/TC24/SC4/WG9) and electrical mobility (ISO/TC24/SC4/WG12). He sits on the British Standards Institution (BSI) Committees LBI/37/4 ‘Sizing by Methods Other than Sieving’ and EH/2/3 ‘Air quality, Ambient Atmospheres’. As the lead for our oil dispersant laboratory, Ian oversees the commercial dispersibility tests that Ricardo Energy & Environment provides to a global marketplace including the development and maintenance of the testing standard WSL LR448 – an industry recognised method for testing the efficacy of oil spill dispersants.

Tel: 01235 753641

Dr Mark Broomfield - Environmental Impact Assessments Business Manager

Mark Broomfield is an air quality, odour and health risk specialist with over 20 years’ experience as an environmental consultant within the consultancy sector and as an industry specialist at ICI.  He has contributed to over 250 industrial permitting applications and follow-on support projects and works closely with clients to deliver obligations under the land-use planning and local air quality management frameworks.  He is an experienced expert witness on issues including air quality impact assessment; odours; road traffic emissions; environmental and health effects of waste management; and perception of risks to health. He works with local authorities, community groups and other stakeholders using health impact assessment and other techniques to achieve consensus on health and environmental issues relating to waste management.  He was the lead author for the landmark Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) study “Review of Environmental and Health Effects of Waste Management”. This remains a key influence on waste management policy.  More recently, he has delivered a delivered of a programme of research to the European Commission and regulatory authorities in the UK in relation to the use of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas development.  This work set the baseline for the European Commission and UK regulators' understanding of the key issues linked to environmental and health risks, control of methane emissions, and legislative/regulatory issues.  Mark contributes to seminars and conferences on air quality, health and waste-related topics.  He is a member of the UK Natural Environment Research Council Peer Review College and industrial supervisor of a PhD student at the University of Birmingham.

Tel: 01235 753493

Dr Nigel Gibson - Odour Assessment Knowledge Leader

Nigel has over two decades of experience in environmental consultancy. His technical expertise includes measurement of odour and pollutants, impact assessment using screening and modelling techniques, and pollution abatement. Nigel has been involved with several permit applications, working for operators and regulators.

As part of this work, Nigel has carried out a number of air quality and health impact for combustion processes that have been subject to intense public scrutiny. Nigel has also prepared environmental guidance documents for several government bodies. Nigel is the UK’s representative on EU European Committee for Standardization (CEN) working groups including odour, TOC and instrument certification. Nigel is sought after for his expertise and regularly provides expert witness advice to city governments and regulatory agencies on sensitive odour and air quality related planning applications and appeals.

Tel: 01235 753609

Hugh Martineau - Agriculture and Environmental Quality Business Manager

Hugh’s in-depth agriculture sector knowledge and appreciation of the sector’s environmental impacts has seen him lead teams on a variety of high-profile projects. Hugh applies his understanding of agricultural policy and production systems, and the challenges facing agriculture across a range of projects that consider the impacts of the agricultural sector on climate change mitigation, adaptation, biofuels and biomass, and life cycle assessments. Hugh leads a number of flagship agricultural advice programmes and has developed an in-depth appreciation of the factors influencing successful, outcome-focused advice to the agricultural sector. Hugh and his team’s sectoral knowledge have most recently benefited high-profile projects including a study of ammonia emissions to air of agricultural livestock processes and the options for reducing the levels of pesticides in drinking water.

Tel: 01235 75 3652

Dr Jeremy Wiltshire - Environmental Impacts of Agriculture Knowledge Leader

Jeremy is a leading authority on the environmental impacts of agriculture. His research interests include the environmental physiology of plants; tropospheric ozone pollution effects on leaf function in trees; environmental, economic and social impacts of agriculture and land management sustainability; arable and horticultural crop physiology; crop production in relation to biodiversity; life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions from farm-produced commodities; carbon management and assessment methods for greenhouse gas emissions; development of sustainability strategies for corporate clients; and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Tel: 01235 75 3593