Meet the team

Luca P copy
Luca Petrarulo

Luca Petrarulo is an experienced project manager and consultant with 6 years of experience in sustainability-related projects. His focus is on climate change adaptation of business and supply chains, particularly in the Retail and Food & Drink sectors. For instance, Luca led a research project to assess the vulnerability of global supply chains to climate risks for a canned tuna company with a supply chain stretching to three countries in two different continents.

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Arani M
Arani Mylvaganam

Arani Mylvaganam has experience working with leading UK businesses on behaviour change strategy. She worked with three FTSE 250 retailers on a Defra funded research project to explore how their consumers could break old habits and replace them with pro-environmental behaviours across six everyday activities. Leading the data collection and analysis process, she worked with leading academics to assess the information and understand its implications for corporate strategy. She has experience developing and implementing market segmentation models and behaviour change strategies with a variety of organisations.

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Paul Maryans
Paul Maryan

Paul has worked extensively across the retail sector, including working at board level with Primark, McDonalds and Costco, undertaking Carbon Management plans that delivered cost saving, environmental benefits and brand enhancement outcomes.  Paul has also been involved with the identification of options to review energy supply within the retail supply chain as a second trading point, which makes the supply chain more sustainable and increases economic resilience.

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Simon Drury
Simon Drury

Simon is a Sustainable Development specialist with over 25 year’s experience working with businesses to deliver economically proven environmental development.

Simon is Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Resource efficiency and audit knowledge Leader for the retail value chain, working with organisations such as Gregg’s, Tesco’s, Kingsland wine and spirit, Park Cakes, Fresh Direct, and Whitby Seafoods. Simon’s consultancy on environmental performance management has enabled customers to implement a sustainable step change within their operations, drive increased productivity through lean processes and deliver staff empowerment.

Simon was the Strategic Business Partnerships Director for Defra’s Envirowise programme, up until its merger into WRAP. He still supports WRAP with the delivery of business resource efficiency and value chain improvement programmes, especially for FMCG, food retail and manufacturing sectors. Simon was also the UK Environmental Manager at Center Parcs and implemented a supply chain partnerships programme which realised £1.5 million worth of saving in its first year.

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Christine St John Cox

Christine St John Cox specialises in developing energy and carbon policy and strategy, and identifying carbon abatement opportunities – particularly for the retail and finance sectors. In this role, she has helped several UK high-street retailers and supermarkets to produce emissions reduction plans, and to develop and implement policies focusing on carbon reporting and ensuring compliance with the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. Internationally, she has supported organisations in establishing approaches to their estate and property portfolios.

Christine is an expert in stakeholder engagement, and the identification and modelling of measures. These skills were particularly relevant when, from 2009 to 2011, she was involved in a number of supply chain projects in partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Between 1996 and 2003, Christine worked as a mechanical building services design engineer. During this time, she was responsible for the design of sustainable services for a range of buildings including offices, railway stations, retail and leisure facilities, schools and community buildings, and domestic properties.

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