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Phil White
Phil White

Phil is the waste technologies, technical due diligence and expert witness services lead in the Waste Management Practice. Phil is a Chartered Waste Manager and has over 15 years’ experience in waste management regulation, policy and consultancy. This experience includes a number of waste technical due diligence projects and the provision of expert witness services for waste technology performance. Phil has an excellent understanding of available and near to market residual and source-separated waste treatment technologies and their performance.

Phil has managed and taken a lead technical role in numerous projects involving a significant element of technical and regulatory due diligence. This includes since 2010 as an expert witness for two major construction companies in relation to a number of MBT facilities that have not performed as expected. Phil has also undertaken technical and commercial due diligence on behalf of a Skanska-Cory JV bidding for a nationally significant residual waste treatment contract. Phil is also an experienced project monitor, reviewing construction and operations to release funding, and recently carried out market due diligence and technology assessment for the export of both refuse derived fuel and incinerator bottom ash for recovery. Phil previously spent 8 years with the Environment Agency in waste policy, strategy and operations, including as an enforcement officer and has continued to provide extensive technical advice to the Agency in relation to end of waste.

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Stefania Trivellato
Stefania Trivellato

Stefania is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 7 years’ experience across the energy sector including waste management, renewable power generation, oil and gas, and nuclear power. She has extensive experience providing technical consultancy support and managed a range of projects. This includes key roles in numerous technical due diligence projects, including in relation to energy from waste and CHP; anaerobic digestion; onshore wind; and biomass energy plants (technical and acquisitions due diligence). Stefania was also Independent Certifier for the Cumbria Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT). Since joining Ricardo Energy & Environment, Stefania has been involved in an expert witness project for a MBT facility, in a construction and commissioning monitoring for another MBT facility, in an onshore windfarm due diligence project and in an audit on behalf of Ofgem for a Danish onshore windfarm.

Prior to joining Ricardo Energy & Environment, Stefania provided technical support to bidders in relation to MBT and thermal waste treatment solutions for waste procurement projects, including attending dialogue meetings with local authorities. Stefania also has experience in equipment design and sizing, layouts, specifications and liaison with suppliers including roles in CHP and district heating modelling and has also been part of a team providing detailed design of two offshore windfarm platforms.

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Colin McNaught
Colin McNaught

Colin McNaught has over 20 years of experience of developing solutions in the energy sector. Recent work includes technical due diligence for banks to support multi-million pound loan decisions and studies on the economics of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for District Heating schemes. Colin has also developed guidance on financing renewable energy schemes. Recent work has also included leading the due diligence assessment of a £50m tidal energy project, assessment of wind and hydro options and undertaking a feasibility study of a wind to hydrogen system. His work for developers of renewable energy schemes considers all aspects from the standpoint of the project developer and potential financier.

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Adam Read
Adam Read

Adam is a recognised authority on waste strategy & management and has over 19 years of operational waste management experience. Adam's approach to his work has gained him a well-earned reputation as a knowledge leader and innovator in his field of expertise, supporting a number of waste management operators with their technology investments, site assessments, business planning and contract tendering. He has also been involved in range of due diligence assignments for investors and banks, assessing risks and opportunities associated with specific technologies, sites and local feedstock availability. His work has taken him to Australia, the US, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa, working on strategies, investments and technology implementation.

He was awarded an honorary professorship for his pioneering work on waste communication and public engagement. He is responsible for directing, managing and contributing to a range of consultancy projects in the areas of waste management strategy, recycling service design and delivery, stakeholder engagement, treatment technology evaluation, due diligence and behaviour change.

Chris St Jon Cox
Chris St John Cox

Chris specialises in supporting organisations to develop and implement their sustainability and carbon strategies. She has worked extensively in the private and public sectors on a range of topics including carbon reporting and mitigation activities regulation.  She has worked throughout the finance sector supporting banks, asset managers and insurance brokers. Between 2009 and 2011, she was the strategic advisor to the Carbon Disclosure Project on the UK Government’s Public Procurement Programme.

Her knowledge is founded on a background in designing and overseeing the installation of mechanical building services, and managing repair and maintenance programmes. She is also a Chartered Building Services Engineer.

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paulmaryan x100
Paul Maryan

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in the low carbon energy sector including developing novel commercialisation approaches. He has undertaken a range of due diligence activities and has supported start-up business development in the renewables sector.

He has also undertaken in excess of 25 carbon management projects for a variety of clients including finance, retail, transport, manufacturing, leisure and food processing. This has focussed on reducing carbon costs and risks and supporting brand strengthening activities.

More recently Paul has been working with the construction industry to increase sustainability in the built environment. He specialises in helping clients to develop a robust sustainability strategy to deliver lower cost, benefit focussed outcomes. He also has supported large portfolio holders in implementing activities to reduce climate and carbon risk to maintain capital value.

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Mark broomfield
Mark Broomfield

Mark is an air quality, odour and health impacts specialist with a BA in chemistry from the University of Cambridge, and a PhD in atmospheric chemistry. He has worked as a consultant and as an industry specialist at ICI for over 20 years.

He has played a key role in over 250 industrial permitting applications and follow-on support projects. He has provided environmental due diligence and related expertise to the financial sector over the course of his consultancy career, providing specialist input on projects in the industrial, airport and energy sectors. Mark has appeared as an expert witness on over 30 occasions, on issues including air quality impact assessment; odours; road traffic emissions; environmental and health effects of waste management; and perception of risks to health.

Mark has carried out a series of landmark analyses which have set the agenda on some of the most important environmental topics of the past two decades. He was the lead author for the landmark Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) study “Review of Environmental and Health Effects of Waste Management”. This remains a key influence on UK waste management policy. He has carried out a detailed analysis of the health and environmental effects of landfill sites, and was responsible for the analysing the environmental and health risks of the use of hydraulic fracturing and shale gas development for the European Commission. Mark contributes to seminars and conferences on air quality, health and waste-related topics. He is a member of the UK Natural Environment Research Council Peer Review College, and industrial supervisor of a PhD student.

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Gregory Vaughan Morris
Gregory Vaughan-Morris

Gregory Vaughan-Morris has over eight years’ experience as a corporate finance adviser to banks, equity investors and public sector clients on large infrastructure transactions providing strategic options, building financial models, undertaking due diligence, optimising financial structures and negotiating commercial and contractual terms.  Clients have included a boutique waste management company that was sold to a private equity investor, an infrastructure fund and an organisation looking to co-develop wind farms across its land estates.

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simonpow x 100
Simon Pow

Simon has over 23 years’ experience of environmental and project management experience, working closely with industry, national, regional, and local government, on a wide range of issues in the EU and Former Soviet Union countries. Simon has both a PhD and an MBA, and has particular interests in how the environmental agenda impacts upon competitive advantage, how environmental liabilities can be priced and factored into the M&A due diligence process, ways by which such liabilities can be managed using instruments such as warranties/indemnities, and how asset value can be pro-actively managed during ownership.

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Emelia copy
Emelia Holdaway

Emelia is an environmental engineer with over 15 years’ experience in environmental sustainability and climate change. Within climate finance, she has led projects on the inclusion of carbon risks into corporate credit ratings, assessed methodologies for quantifying carbon risks within investment portfolios, undertaken bottom-up MACC analysis of the carbon market and analysed climate funds on behalf of clients. She is part of our project team working with the EU and international financial institutions to incorporate climate mitigation and risks into investment decisions. This includes currently leading a project supporting Citibank’s positioning and thought leadership on climate change topics.

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emilylecornu x 100
Emily Le Cornu

Emily has worked in the energy and climate change sector for over four years, working for both public and private sector organisations. One of Emily's main areas of expertise is organisational carbon footprinting, with frequent involvement as part of larger carbon management programmes to identify carbon reduction strategies.

This included site audits and identification of cost-effective solutions to improve wider sustainability. The recommendations typically involved the formulation of policies and strategies to enable companies to meet their goals; she is currently undertaking this type of work for a private Bank.

She has a detailed understanding of the international landscape of climate finance, in particular public flows, and the accessing requirements of climate funds.

Emily is also one of Ricardo Energy & Environment's principle Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) advisers. She advises organisations on registration and annual compliance, to ensure participating bodies are fully compliant with the rules of the scheme.

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