Enhancing commercial value and reducing risk for ICT companies

The international ICT industry is seen as a key enabler for sustainability, and will have a significant role to play in supporting an overall reduction in global emissions and the fight against climate change. But, with ICT already being responsible for a large proportion of the world’s GHG emissions, the pressure is on.

Businesses in this growing sector face a substantial challenge – achieving growth with minimum environmental impact and, through their own actions, achieving improvements for their customers and society.

In this extremely competitive global market, with public desire for ever-more instantaneous and cheap digital information, operational efficiency will be key to maximising profit, improving business resilience, minimising risk and achieving sustainable performance. 

Significant improvements have already been seen in this sector, with some of the world’s leaders in sustainability being ICT companies. Energy reduction is an ever-more pressing priority, and aggressive growth will require more energy and from different sources. Increasing competitiveness will require more efficient use and re-use of resources as prices increase.

As leaders in innovation, businesses in this sector will need to be the innovators in energy efficiency, energy sourcing and generation. As well as energy, the availability of other resources poses a risk. Key raw materials are under threat and, as a result, prices are rising, replacements will need to be sought and recycling capabilities improved.

This is a challenging time, but by taking action (in many cases simple ones) it brings an opportunity for leaders to differentiate themselves.

We can help you meet these challenges and optimise the opportunities that enable you to maintain a competitive advantage across your business and value chain. Working with Ricardo Energy & Environment’s environmental and business experts, we can help you to achieve your objectives and ensure profitability through sustainability.

Ricardo Energy & Environment  has worked closely with key clients in this sector, identifying innovative opportunities for continuous improvement to enable:

  • Cost and resource savings by improving operational efficiency
  • Brand protection through compliance reporting and assurance services
  • Risk mitigation through the identification of vulnerabilities in the supply chain 
  • Competitive advantage by adapting to climate change