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Air Quality services for Cities

Economic and population growth are major causes of air pollution in urban areas. We can help you promote growth without degrading the air we breathe.


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GHG Inventories, Carbon Footprinting and Scenario Planning

Cities need to fully understand their greenhouse gas impact in order to take appropriate action. We help cities understand their emissions, setting up locally specific inventory systems and identifying mitigation opportunities to achieve goals. Read more...

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Climate Resilience & Adaptation

The world’s climate is changing and cities need to address the risks that this presents. Designing and implementing effective climate adaptation plans will not only provide your city with protection against climate disasters but will also help you improve the liveability and competitiveness of your city.


Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity

Healthy environmental ecosystems in and around cities provide a wide range of benefits, improving cities’ liveability and helping to address a range of different challenges. Our experts can help you tackle problems such as air quality and flooding by providing targeted ecological improvements. Read more...

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Energy & Climate Change in Cities

As key economic and population hubs, cities can be particularly affected by fluctuating energy prices and changes in supply. Our expert consultants can help your city deal with energy security challenges, while delivering sustainable solutions that provide long-term benefits.


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Smart Cities and Data Management

Sustainable cities will increasingly be “smart” cities, collecting and assessing a wide range of data to support strategic planning and management. Our experts can help you collect and assess your city’s data, enhancing your decision making. Read more...

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Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

Cities that adopt sustainable waste management strategies and promote greater resource efficiency will be better positioned to provide economic, environmental and social benefits.


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Sustainable Transport for Cities

Transport is an integral component of cities around the world. However, growing demand for all modes of transport is increasing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, noise and congestion. Sustainable transport solutions can help cities promote economic growth while reducing the transport sector’s negative impacts.


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Water Management solutions for Cities

Water is a vital resource for cities’ wellbeing and economic activity but also presents a risk in the form of extreme weather events such as flooding and drought. Effective water management can protect cities against weather disasters, improve resilience against economic risks such as water scarcity and lead to more liveable cities that maximise social as well as economic benefits.


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Governance for Sustainable Development

Strong governance structures are needed to unlock economic growth and enable sustainable development. Our experts work with city administrations around the world to improve their technical capacity and strengthen their governance. Read more...

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Climate Finance for Cities

We help organisations around the world deliver effective financing for sustainability projects and provide technical support and advice for the countries receiving it. Read more...