Project examples

Liverpool Airport Ltd

De-Icant Discharge Environmental Permit Study

Drainage analysis; impact assessment; environmental permitting.

Thames Water2
Thames Water/Environment Agency

Lower Thames Operating Agreement Ecological Impact Assessment

Hydrological and ecological monitoring; flow and water quality modelling; expert interpretation; stakeholder engagement.

LB of Tower Hamlets
London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Framework Consultant for Environmental Statement Review

Environmental Statement and Scoping Report review; specialist EIA topic review; support in developer negotiations.


The Use of Revealed Customer Behaviour in Setting Future Price Limits

Environmental economics; revealed preference techniques; revealed customer behaviour; use of wider methods for benefits valuation.

Thames Water

Deephams Sewage Works Upgrade EIA and HRA

EIA; EcIA; HRA; WFD; sustainabilty assessment; energy assessment; specialist EIA topic assessments; options appraisal; stakeholder and community engagement; tender evaluation; planning support.

United Utilities
United Utilities

Collaborative Planning for Environmental Protection and Water Resilience with Stakeholders

Stakeholder and community engagement; environmental options appraisal; water resilience.

EA evaluation costs
Environment Agency

Review of the Environmental Costs and Benefits in PR14 Water Resources Management Plans

Environmental economics; regulatory review; data processing and analysis.

UK Water Industry
UK Water Industry Research

Sustainable Integrated Catchment Management for Phosphorus

Literature and model review; assessment of land-based methods of phosphorus control; cost-benefit analysis; comparison with end-of-pipe solutions.

ICS Swan
ICS for Anglian Water

Valuation of Improvements to Designated Habitats

Ecosystem services; SSSIs; cost benefit analysis; willingness to pay.

Natural EnglandDrought
Natural England

Review of the Effects of Drought on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services

Literature review; expert forum; research prioritisation.

UK Water100x100
UK Water Industry Research

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Sustainability Reductions

Activities included: Sustainable abstraction evaluation; hydrology, hydrogeology and hydroecology; abstraction reform; good practice guidance; Water Framework and Habitats Directive assessment; R&D.

Peel Utilities
Peel Utilities Holdings Ltd

Draft Water Resources Management Plan 2013 for Peel Water Networks Limited

Method development; data collation and analysis; WRMP programme development; liaison with Environment Agency.

Wessex Water
Wessex Water

WFD Heavily Modified Water Bodies Options Appraisal

Hydrological and ecological monitoring; flow and water quality data analysis; expert interpretation; stakeholder engagement.

States of Jersey
States of Jersey

St Aubins Bay Inter-tidal/Offshore Surveys and Modelling for Wastewater Outfall

Data review and gap analysis; coastal and freshwater input water quality monitoring; coastal modelling; outfall site review.

Yorkshire Water
Yorkshire Water

Hydroecological Monitoring of Mitigation to Support Good Ecological Potential in Heavily Modified Water Bodies

Flow accretion; river cross-section hydraulics; water quality; fish.

Yacht Havens
Yacht Havens Ltd

Neyland Yacht Haven Marine Surveys and Licensing

Marine licensing; dredging impact assessment; macroinvertebrates; HRA.


Hartland Park Distribution Centre Development EcIA and HRA

EIA; EcIA; HRA; CEMP; Ecological Clerk of Works; acid grassland translocation; reptile translocation; bat survey; public inquiry support.

Welsh Govt potential payments for ES in Wales100x100
Welsh Government

Potential Payments for Ecosystems Services Mechanisms in Wales

Activities included: Payments for ecosystem services assessment; stakeholder engagement; partnership funding

Dwr Cmyru100x100
Dwr Cymru

Wye and Usk Abstraction Investigations

Activities included: Hydrological and ecological monitoring; flow and water quality modelling; expert interpretation; stakeholder engagement

Water Companies100x100
Water Companies

Environmental and Social Appraisal of Water Resource Management Plans and Drought Plans

Activities included: SEA; HRA; FRA; WFD assessment; environmental and social costs; stakeholder engagement; public inquiry expert witness

Portsmouth City Council FRA100x100
Portsmouth City Council

Flood Risk Assessments

Activities included: assessment of tidal, fluvial, groundwater and surface water flood risk; identification of SuDS measures.

RSBP Arun and Rother100x100

Arun and Rother Connections Conservation Management Plan

Activities included: Natural, landscape and cultural heritage resource assessment; stakeholder engagement; Outline Action Plan.


Helping develop the evidence base for abstraction reform

Activities included: developing a greater understanding of non-water industry abstraction by developing a set of criteria to define representative abstractor groups; producing case studies characterising these groups based on their water use; highlighting potential measures for avoidance or reduction; showing how abstractor businesses in the UK and overseas respond to constraints on availability; stakeholder engagement.

Environment Agency

Projecting Water Demand in the Food & Drink Sector to the 2050s

Activities included: identifying the highest water-using sub-sectors within the food and drink industry; developing a model based on tailored socio-economic scenarios that could be applied to key water-using sub-sectors, stakeholder consultation, identification of key demand indicators

TH water quality

Appraisal of policy options to manage pesticides  

Activities included: appraisal of the policy options by a team of technical experts in the areas of water quality, agriculture, economics, toxicology and biodiversity; shortlisting of options; interviews with agronomists, effectiveness assessment; economic model development; cost review; benefits assessment (including an ecosystem services assessment, toxicology and ecotoxicology assessment); cost effectiveness and cost benefit analysis.

Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Making the business case for water management to support growth in Greater Lincolnshire

Activities included: undertaking an in-depth literature review to identify water management pressures; cost-benefit analysis for each of the identified flood resilience projects in the area; GIS mapping to support  comparisons between the benefits offered by alternative schemes; developing a model to identify the economic benefits of each project in terms of avoided flood damage and new job creation, stakeholder engagement.

water conservation

Reviewing international water abstraction regulations

Activities included: developing an analytical framework to study and compare abstraction regimes in countries outside the UK; working with in-country experts to develop case studies; determining good practice that could be adapted or applied in England and Wales.

water technology list

Rippleffect: Providing water efficiency advice and training to UK businesses

Activities included: designing the Rippleffect as an online training programme to help businesses understand how much water they use, identify simple ways to start saving water, and measure the cost savings they make; designing online guidance modules supplemented by good practice guides, online water measurement tools and a freephone advice line;  web conferences and online case studies.


Helping the United Kingdom build strategies to adapt to floods and droughts (National Adaptation Programme)

Activities included: forming a consortium to deliver a wide-ranging research programme called PREPARE; using  targeted surveys and interviews to identify factors in the development of adaptive capacity of UK organisations; reviewing evidence on the role and contribution of household-level actions to protect against flooding and other climate risks;  organising deliberative workshops to understand how people perceive climate risk and their attitudes towards the Government’s role in adaptation; assessing the differential socio-economic impacts of adaptation measures to address flooding, heatwaves and water scarcity.

water technology list

The Water Technology List: Helping businesses reap the benefits of Resource Efficiency

Activities include managing the WTL for Defra, reviewing applications against eligibility criteria for enhanced capital allowances; working closely with key trade associations and manufacturers to ensure that eligibility criteria remain current; researching the applicability of new water efficient technologies for potential addition to the WTL; stakeholder communications and awareness-raising; managing a telephone / email helpline providing WTL advice to businesses.