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Air quality in Jing-jin-ji

Posted by Mark Broomfield, Consultant on 9 March 2017

Dr Mark Broomfield reports back from the “Greater Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (BTH) Regional Air Pollution Control International Workshop” held in Beijing, China on 1 & 2 March 2017.

UK Shale Gas Summit 2016

Posted by Dr Mark Broomfield on 28 September 2016

I’ll be attending the UK Shale Gas Summit at Manchester Airport in a couple of weeks . The conference programme looks very interesting, and I’m looking forward to contributing to a panel discussion on planning issues.

3 days in Zagreb at the TFEIP

Posted by Dr Mark Broomfield on 23 May 2016

Mark Broomfield reviews his recent visit to Zagreb and the annual Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections meeting.

Is this the week that finally saw the changing of the guard for the UK’s underground fuel resources?

Posted by Dr Mark Broomfield on 21 December 2015

New shale gas licenses, the end of COP21 and the closure of the UK's last deep coal mine - Mark Broomfield reviews a busy end of the year and picks out a few key stories you might have missed 

Don’t like to say I told you so, but…

Posted by Dr Mark Broomfield on 21 July 2015

Do incinerators cause air pollution? The short answer is, yes but not very much. Lots of activities cause a bit of air pollution – topical examples which leap to mind at this time of year include mowing the lawn, going on holiday and running a freezer to keep ice creams in. But what about pollution from waste incinerators?

Slow, unpredictable and costly – where next for shale gas?

Posted by Dr Mark Broomfield on 29 June 2015

Lancashire County Council has decided to refuse permission for shale gas exploration at two sites near Blackpool.

Late Summer Ozone Pollution?

Posted by Paul Willis on 17 September 2014

A period of settled warm weather with easterly continental air is forecast throughout September. After a mainly wet and unsettled August is it too late in the year to be worried about ozone pollution? Why should we be concerned about this pollutant and how does it form? Here are a few facts which may help.

Are Gases from the Current Icelandic Volcanic Eruption reaching the UK?

Posted by Paul Willis on 11 September 2014

Many of you will have been following with interest the updates on the seismic events and volcanic activity taking place around Bárðarbunga in Iceland.

Key advice for successful poultry planning

Posted by Dr Mark Broomfield and Dr Nigel Gibson on 10 September 2014

Expanding a poultry enterprise usually means either extending sheds or, more often, building new units – either way, increasing the environmental footprint of a farm.  Proving the local environment won’t be adversely affected is intrinsically linked to the process of gaining planning approval and an environmental permit.

DECC opens bidding process for onshore shale gas licences

Posted by Dr Mark Broomfield, Specialist Consultant on 28 July 2014

\"\"[[sitetree_link id=1832]#markbroomfield]The UK government is launching the 14th Onshore (Landward) Oil and Gas Licensing Round today (28 July 2014). During the round interested parties can bid for licenses that grant the right to apply for permission to carry out drilling for oil and gas on specific parcels of land.

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