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Achieving value for food and drink manufacturers

Food and Drink (F&D) manufacturers are facing a challenging landscape of rising resource costs, increasing social expectation, changing climatic conditions, increasingly complex supply chains, resource competition and regulatory change.

Can F&D upstream suppliers, the farmers, respond to increased global demand with high quality product while better managing agricultural yield and resource use? Many of the world’s resources are finite, especially fresh water, and are increasingly in demand from competing industrial use and growing public consumption.

In addition to these challenges, the issue of reducing waste in the F&D value chain needs to be addressed. The F&D sector has the opportunity to lead from the front in reducing food waste and by using closed-loop manufacturing. Where waste is unavoidable, it can be used in other processes as a valuable raw material for biogas production and, energy generation or indeed as a source of revenue where is can be sold as raw input to other manufacturing processes.

These challenges bring opportunities for leaders to differentiate themselves by embracing more sustainable business models to drive growth in the coming decades.

We can help you meet these challenges and optimise the opportunities. We can support your analysis and prioritisation of sustainability issues and design cost effective solutions for your business and across your value chain. We can help you to achieve your objectives and ensure profitability through sustainability.

We help our F&D manufacturing clients to:

  • Make savings by improving operational efficiencies
  • Manage supply chain risks through agricultural resilience building
  • Protect reputation through compliance, reporting and assurance support
  • Deliver competitive advantage through brand differentiation